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Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell


Here I am again;

Stuck between heaven and hell.

Once a dream, darkened to nightmares past

Life, it seems, mocks me with it’s tease:

“Did you really believe?

You should have known better

You worthless tramp.

One strike, two strikes,

Three and you’re out.”


Nothing’s left,

Only an empty shell

A body crying out

First heaven, now hell.


Ghostly Wandering


I am a ghost

Wandering these crowded halls

Yet noticed by no one.


I want to cry

I want to scream

I want to yell loud and clear

“I’m here!”


But this action

Only turns those away-

And issues claims of

“What a bitch”

As they turn away.


So I remain;

Quiet as a ghost

Wandering alone

Amidst the crowd.


Endless Road


Sometimes I think I’m crazy;

Nights spent waiting

Nights spent wanting

Nights spent fighting

Nights spent crying.


What is there to do-

That can be done?

It seems the road is endless

Filled with hope and desire

But leading nowhere.


Only to take us away

From the known path;

Until we become so lost

That we can’t go back.


We’ll be alone there-

Shivering from the cold

And in despair.


Waiting for death to take us

From our misery.

Endless Night

In this cold and angry world

I feel darkness creeping in;

Enveloping me in its arms

Like a lover’s tight embrace.

There was one

Who came to my rescue.

He took my hand

And convinced me to trust.

Bringing hope

Of brighter days ahead;

Like the breaking of clouds

On a cold winter’s day.

But as soon as he came

He was gone again.

So now I must forge the way alone-

Pushing ahead

Through the endless night.

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding hearts,


Where did we go wrong –

And how?

Don’t you love me?

I ache for you

My heart breaks for you

Why do you do this?

I gave my life to you

For what?

Pain and aching love.

At the Water’s Edge

Last night,

I walked down to the river.

I looked into the water –

and saw my reflection.

Someone I didn’t recognize

stared back at me.

Who is this person

with pain in her eyes,

and lines on her face?

I threw a stone into the water

To disrupt the image;

And turned away.

I couldn’t bear to see

a stranger looking back at me.



I’m Hopeful Hellion, and I’m new to the blog-o-sphere. 

I’m hoping to broach a wide variety of topics which have affected me greatly in my life.  Partially because I think it will provide an opportunity for healing for me; and partly because I would like to help others in their journeys.

So; while the topics are diverse and may not seem connected to many viewers – they are all things that have impacted me.   My hope is to be able to reach out to others who may have experienced/are experiencing similar struggles to my own – and to bring out in the open some of the topics that affect a great many of us.

Thanks for Reading!

Hopeful Hellion