Today as I was listening to NPR; they started talking about a new pill that may become available that would actually erase specific memories.  This would be targeted towards those who suffer from PTSD.  The pill would literally erase that painful memory, and therefore, the symptoms of PTSD.  I was so intrigued that I looked up the related article – and will post the link at the end of this post.

My question is this – if it were available to you, would you take it?  I had to think about it for about 2 seconds, and realized that my answer is a definate NO.  Sure, in my fantasyland, I think about how nice it would be to forget all the painful events I have gone through.  The abuse I endured, the suicide of my fiance…. it SOUNDS like it would be heaven.  But – who am I without these memories and experiences?  How would that ultimately affect me and who I have become?  Yes, I have scars from my experiences, but I also have strength, and wisdom, and I enjoy those rare moments of piece when they come because I know how much they deserve to be treasured.  Would I maintain these things?  And, how would that affect people’s decision making and choices – when they knew all they had to do if something went wrong would be to take a pill and make it all go away?

So, while the idea of not feeling this pain anymore is appealing, I will not be waiting in line to sign up for THIS clinical trial.  I’ll take my scars, my past, and my memories – both painful and cherished – and continue striving for some peace of mind the old-fashioned way.

Here is the article: