I just wanted to take a moment to talk about my blogging experience; and what it has meant to me.

I may not have a lot of followers; or get a huge amount of comments; but the ones I do – I appreciate SO much.  So; whether I say so or not – please know that you are important to me.

Of course, I hope that at some point; I may be able to touch someone with one of my posts.  Even one person; if it makes a difference to them, I would feel very accomplished.

But, I also gain so much in being able to put my thoughts out there – and to know that other people understand.  Even if they can’t relate to my exact experiences, I know there are people out there that can understand my pain.  That helps ME a lot.

Also; reading other’s blogs does so much for me.  It also helps me feel not so alone.  It helps me understand a little bit more about what my fiance was experiencing in his manic, depressed, paranoid moods.

When I read other’s poetry, it helps connect me to others that I may not know at all; but who share a common pain or purpose.

When I read of other’s grief; I know I am not alone – and I also hope that at some point, in some way – I will be able to help someone else through their pain, in even the smallest way.

This blogging experience has been amazingly helpful and healing to me.  I hope that I continue with this – and that at some point I can become more of a HELP for others, as they have done for me.

So; thank you all – for reading.  For sharing.  And for being you in this blogosphere.