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Flying free

I can see you now
Riding your bike in the skies
With a smile, and free.


Rest in Peace

Your pain has vanished.
Nothing will hurt you again.
Rest in peace, my Love.

To My Children

To My Children

I did not birth you,

We don’t share each other’s blood,

But each other’s hearts.



Once my confidant,

My savior and friend.

You took me into the safety

Of your arms, and your love.

But sickness took you,

Consumed you,

And changed you.

Your mind became your enemy

And therefore, so did I.


For today alone

In this specific moment

I choose to be free

Moments with You

Moments with You

Each moment with you is cherished

Comforting, warm, and safe.

Laughter flows,

 And peace abounds.

Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments

Precious stolen moments

Never forgotten

Kept locked in my heart




We all have choices to make

Yours was to die.

I‘ve tried to understand,

To not be angry, or question your love.

I hope that you can also

Accept my choice

To Live.

One Year Ago

One Year Ago

One year ago,

My life changed completely.

It took one single moment,

And I shattered into tiny little pieces.

I didn’t think that there was any coming back

From that one moment.

I thought,

There was no way that I could be made whole again.

A year later; everything is different;

And yet so much seems the same.

I’ve survived. 

Sometimes I’m happy about that.

Sometimes it seems too much to bear.

I still miss you.

I still dream about you.

I still have nightmares.

I still get angry at you.

I’m trying to move on;

But so much is still you.


I want to move on.  I want my life back.

Help me, now,

A Year Later,

To find the way;

Back to myself

And to the future beyond.

The Night We Met

The Night We Met

I remember the night we met

It was as if we looked into each other’s eyes

And saw kindred spirits.

We spent hours together,

Laughing, talking, searching.

Lying on the floor, holding hands

Purity, in it’s truest form.

What I thought was a cherished memory

From a one night experience

Turned into more.

What happens next?